//Two dimensions of China
China's two dimension

Two dimensions of China

Most of the time, the main motive for our travel is to find something that we cannot find in place we are living; in the search of something unique, we travel all across the world. In quest of this curiosity, we encounter many life-changing experiences.

Chinese, you will always find it unique and live in its own world. Even the inevitable presence of Globalization, still, it is successful to keep a notable separation. That’s what we enjoy on our tour to this place: the jaw-dropping uniqueness.


The city lives and the country live both are similarly different as we have, but far different from ours. They don’t Google in the city and precisely, our country people are not aware of their farming methods in their countryside.

Historically, China has given a lot to the world. Whether it is paper, silk, printings, mechanical clocks and numerous others, China has remarkably contributed to the mankind. Thus, museums and monuments are among the must-visit-destinations in our travel itinerary.

However, it would be a good idea to leave the crowded cities and make our visit to the countryside. The countryside in China is full of life and peace that you will find surrounded by the amusing and refreshing nature.

Countryside of China

Despite China holds largest population of human in the world, the countryside of the city is spacious and filled with astonishing sceneries. The friendly locals, the inspiring cultures, and the delicious cuisines are all one can need for rejuvenation.


We all agree that Chinese architecture is unique, magnificent and jaw-dropping. This architecture can be seen everywhere in China, you need not visit any particular attraction to encounter this. Despite the influence of technology, the Chinese taste of architecture is everywhere. Precisely, the well-preserved Chinese traditions can be found in the countryside.

For the demonstration, I’ll recommend you to watch the masterpiece of Akira Kurosawa’s ‘The Seven Samurai’. The movie is all set in the countryside of China and elaborate the simplicity. The lives of the farmer and their common issues are notably elaborated in the movie.

Seven Samurai

Moreover, the Chinese festivals have a different color in these places. The countryside of China has successfully preserved the true notion of its festivals. When the Beijing and Shanghai celebrate the Chinese New Year with fireworks, the countryside celebrates little different but with the same enthusiasms. Maybe their fireworks and parade are not as massive as in Beijing or Shanghai but the enjoyment you will get there will be unmatchable. People in colorful costumes, the musician and precisely the feast, make the Chinese New Year exhilarating in the countryside.

The City life of China

Most of the Chinese population is living in the urban areas; thus, the cities are crowded. Though the cities like Beijing showcases numerous astonishing architectures like the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven Park, and the infamous Great Wall of China.


The city becomes more awake at night and their enthusiasm cannot stop with the dawn. And the foods are being served everywhere: on the street, and luxurious restaurants. Shanghai and Beijing are among the largest city of across the world. The markets are the best place to buy a cheap replica of prominent brands.

Saif Ali is a writer, editor, publisher, and geocultural explorer with an emphasis on travel writing, landscapes imagined and real, memoir, poetry, and lyrical magical realism paired with psychogeography.