//The Great Wall of China: The Wonder of the World
The Great Wall of china

The Great Wall of China: The Wonder of the World

How could a wall be such magnificent and influential for any civilization? Can it showcase the prolong timeline of any civilization? Does it result in the contribution of millions of people from different time and age?

The construction of the great wall started in 3rd century B.C. when the first emperor of unified China was in reign. Qin Shi Huang started the construction of the wall to protect his kingdom from barbaric nomads. The extension of the wall was lasted as long as 2700 years and expanded more than 21000 km.

Once upon a time, this wall was the most influential gateway for political and economical communication. It was also built to control the silk route trade. The purpose to build the wall is varied from the dynasty to dynasty. There were around 20 dynasties involved in the construction of the wall. However, most of the remaining structure of the wall was leftover by the Ming Dynasty.

Qin Shi Huang built the wall to protect China from northern barbaric nomads and the Han Dynasty expanded it to control the silk route trade.  Ming Dynasty is the most contributed and benefited among them. They were not just extended the wall but also repair and reinforce the existing structure.

The construction of the wall is itself an exhilarating tales of sacrifices. Qin Shi Huang himself enlisted 300,000 soldiers, convicts and commoners for the construction and hundreds of thousands of workers have sacrificed their lives. And they were buried within the wall.

The oldest sections of the great wall were built using earth, wood and stones; it was the Ming Dynasty who availed their contemporary technologies. Mings availed bricks rather than stones which can be seen largely as the foundation of the wall.

The Great Wall History

Best time to visit the Great Wall of China

The most agreed time to visit the Great Wall of China is from the first week of May to October. Though, you will encounter massive crowd these days. The best time to visit the Great Wall of China is not just in favourable weather but also the best time to avoid crowds.

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Late afternoon is the recommended time to make the visit as late afternoon when many of the morning and afternoon visitors begin to clear out.

June is the best month to schedule your visit. Since there are rarely any domestic holidays which decreases the local visitors notably. The June is the Beijing’s Shoulder season and there will rarely any holiday-related crowds. You can avail great deals on Hotels and tours these days.

In winter, snow covers the wall but fortunately, the number of visitors decreases dramatically. But be ready for the slippery and chilling windy walk. For adventurers, it would be the best time for a visit.

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