//Most effective Tips for Solo travelers in India
Solo travelers in India

Most effective Tips for Solo travelers in India

How dare are you? You have proved enough if you have already decided to go for a solo trip to the place where everyone is a stranger. Walking down the street where people may stare at you and you may feel like an alien over there, instead of regretting your decision, you should know the art of traveling alone.

But before you hit the road, you need to plan every major to a minor part of your trip: hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Here are few most effective tips for solo travelers (in four broad divisions) to enjoy India while travelling alone:


Eating In India

It is recommended to carry a water bottle always with you. Water you drink can make you sick enough to ruin the trip. You need to take care of your health as you are in a strange land where water and weather are totally different. Thus, drink sterilized water and keep a water-bottle in your backpack.

Obviously, India is the most diverse nation that you will ever visit – from culture to wardrobes, from people to the foods they eat; you will find varieties all the way. When you find such varieties of foods, the most crucial concern for a solo traveller is what to eat and what not?

Most of the Indian cuisines are filled with oil and spices; it may ruin your stomach. You need to keep a balance between your taste and appetite. Do not try too much of it and always opt for cooked foods.

When it comes to taste, you will get a plethora of flavours. Use your hand to eat, it will be fun.


Accommodation in India

Finding a hotel is pretty easy in India. Most of the hotels are available online, you can pre-book them. You can also reserve your room by making a call to them (get their number through directories from internet).

Ask for pick up from airport or railway station. They usually offer to pick up service only for those who have dared to ask. Moreover, check your room before opting for it. Inspect every corner.

When it comes to payment, most of the low and medium budget hotels accept cash. Besides, in few years, online payment portal has become pretty popular in India: PayTm is the most found online payment portal in Indian Hotels.

For the hot water, you need to switch on the boiler for at least 15 min, to get warm water. But in some hotels, there is always a good supply of hot water.

You may face power-cut in some hotels; it could every day for certain hours. However, there are always luxurious hotels where you can relax but they will be little expensive.


Transport in India

For flawless transportation, we advise you to book in advance. Whether you are travelling through cars, train, bus or aeroplanes, you should reserve your seat, as early as possible. Precisely, when you are travelling by train or aeroplanes, you will get benefits of booking your seats in advance. The trains in India are always crowded; it is very hard to get the tickets just a few days ago. However, thanks to the Tatkal (Instant) policy, which reserve few seats for emergency purpose and these seats are being sold a day before the departure of the train.

On the other hand, seat availability is not the major issues, if you are travelling through aeroplanes. But, the price of tickets increases every hour. Thus, it would cost-effective when you book your tickets in advance.

For the local transport, in major cities, we have OLA, Uber, and few other cab facilities that can be book using your mobile phones. Their prices are reasonable and if lucky you can also get coupons for more discounts.

For the TukTuk Auto Rickshaws, it recommended negotiating the price before you aboard. And, there are also buses that can be cheaper than all.


Shopping in India

Shopping is fun in India. You will find surprises on the streets.  But we will recommend taking time for shopping, don’t be hurry or over-excited. And if you know the art of negotiation, then you will get the best deals.

You can also find infamous international brands from shopping malls. Buying the local Jewellery is a good choice for girls. You can also shop for leather products, only if you have better knowledge to recognize the original one.

Just in few years, online shopping has become popular in India. There is an Amazon.in and also its better rival Flipkart.com.


Bathroom in India

Unfortunately, you will rarely find toilet papers in Indian Bathrooms. You should carry them with you. There are mobile apps that will help you find the nearest toilet around you.

The Final Word

Solo travel is fun; there is an amusement that insists us to leave our home and all the comforts to discover something jaw-dropping. But this doesn’t mean, you are superhuman and you can ignore the precautions. Always keep the safety measures in priority.

Staring is the most common thing that can make you uncomfortable. With the feelings of alienation, you may get annoyed. You better focus on your stuff and just ignore them.

If you are female, never let your driver bring his friend on the drive. But before that, you should be conscious about your wardrobe. Don’t expose your body much.

We are here to guide you on your solo trip. For any questions, feel free to talk about a phone call or through other ways.

Saif Ali is a writer, editor, publisher, and geocultural explorer with an emphasis on travel writing, landscapes imagined and real, memoir, poetry, and lyrical magical realism paired with psychogeography.