//How cheap is Vietnam
how cheap is vietnam

How cheap is Vietnam

Usually, most of the tourists from India often choose Europe, America, and Australia for an abroad vacation. And for low budget, they switch to Thailand, Mauritius, and Bali. These are the most traveled destinations where we feel like breathing in an exotic place. We witness the culture, the people and the cuisines far different from our hometown.

Do we really believe that being in a strange land will be always exhilarating and entertaining for us? Do you have ever idea how crowded the streets of Thailand can be? Have you ever heard of anything how rude Australian to the people from our country?

While thinking of these, we always come to appreciate places like Vietnam. It is cheaper, calmer and exotic. A rupee from India becomes 334.15 Dong in Vietnam. So, have you any idea how cheaper this place can be? Take look this way:

Vietnam serves some of the finest cuisines across the world. Most of the dishes are simple, smooth, elegant and tempting. Pho or Fu is a bowl of soupy noodles along with fresh herbs and Chicken or Beef (sometimes). The cost of this bowl varies from 2000 dong to 3500, which is 60INR- 108INR.

Banh Xeo is a sizzling pancake, which sizzles loud while cooking. The stuffing depends on your preference, you can keep it completely veggie or meaty. It comes around 70,000 to 110,000 dong or 200 to 300 INR.

Sometimes, we love something light and healthy in our plate. If you have enough trying with the fried cuisines in Vietnam, we recommend you to give Goi cuon a chance. It’s fresh and super light roll comes with a green salad. This will take 15000 to 20000 dong from you or 45 to 60 rupees.

Bun Cha is a preferred choice for lunch. It comes with grilled meat, rice, noodles, veggies and a sauce made from fish. Besides these, many others come in the impressive price range. Bun Cha costs 100 to 500 INR.  

If you are already impressed with these dishes and their prices, you must have been thinking about shopping in Vietnam. We must say: it is lucrative. Shopping in Vietnam is not just cheaper but you will have a plethora of finest options that leave you confused and happy at the same time.

Hang Gai Street in Hanoi is famously called Silk Street. You will find numerous stunning sil­­­­­­k items like dresses, apparels, and others. Khai Silk and Tan my Design are the two most famous brands that offer impressive ready-to-wear clothes.

Moreover, the luxurious Vincom Center is the largest mall in Vietnam with over 250 shops. Here you can buy high-end products from prominent brands. Along with these, there are varieties of choices: fashion boutique, Saigon Square, and Diamond Plaza are a few other names.

Saif Ali is a writer, editor, publisher, and geocultural explorer with an emphasis on travel writing, landscapes imagined and real, memoir, poetry, and lyrical magical realism paired with psychogeography.