//Four things to eat in Old Delhi
Four things to eat in Old Delhi

Four things to eat in Old Delhi

If the flavor is brewing for centuries, then the appetite is your strength. When you walk on the street of old Delhi, you will gather all those aromas of delicacies that will surely tempt your mind. Soon, you will find yourself sitting in a restaurant wandering the most delicious name from the menu. Hope you will find something that suits your taste. But hey! How about little homework and have a better idea about the cuisines mentioned in that menu?

When you are planning a trip to Old Delhi, then be prepared to encounter the crowd: a massive crowd. Make sure to dress in a much comfortable way. Prefer sports shoes over sandals or other shoes, t-shirts or casual wear to the formal clothes.

As the matter of fact, Old Delhi is not just famous for its tempting flavors; instead, you will witness astonishing architecture, culture, and market preserved for centuries. Shopping is the best idea, when you are in Old Delhi and to get the best deals, you need to master the art of bargaining.

As food is a concern, you will find the parade of quintessential Indian cuisines all across this place and for those who have traveled far enough to reach there, this place has never failed to welcome with all the charisma and unique delicacies that you may not find in your hometown.

Here are top foods that you must try when you in this:

Mutton Kebabs

Mutton Kebab

Only if you are not dedicated to strict dieting plan, or only if you consider the butter never get enough in your food. The mutton kebabs in this place come with lots of butter, and sauces. Unfortunately, onion is the only thing that comes as a salad.



For the people living in Delhi, Paratha is most preferred breakfast. It comes in varieties, depending on the stuffing ingredients. Clarified butter is used in abundant to cook, and served with spicy salad and chutney.



The streets of Old Delhi are filled with the aroma of Biryani. It also comes in varieties, and you can find its stall everywhere.  Biryani is the cuisine that you will eat from a renowned restaurant to somewhere from street vendors. We suggest you opt for the good and hygienic place.



There is a shop in Old Delhi selling this delicious desert since 1884. Old famous Jalebiwala is situated in Chandni Chowk and welcomes passionate eaters from all across the globe. Jalebi could be the sweetest dessert in India or maybe across the world.

The Bottom Line

Despite the place is famous for its delicacies, your hygiene is the main concern. Try to carry your own water bottles, and always choose a tidy shop to eat. When walking in crowd, care for your wallets, mobile, and other belongings.

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