//Five Reasons why Thailand is perfect destination for Indian Travelers
Five Reasons why Thailand is perfect destination for Indian Travelers

Five Reasons why Thailand is perfect destination for Indian Travelers

A vacation is meant to be one of best tools to escape from the repeating schedules and encounter something refreshing that gives a new motivation to start your same life with better attitude. One of most important concern for the travelers is to find a place that offers peaceful, thrilling and exotic environment at the same time.

Another big concern for most of the travelers from India is the budget. Every traveler has his/her own level of affordability, and in their defined budget, they seek for the best destination that gives them complete satisfaction.

Among all 200 countries, there are very few that eligible to our requirements. Thanks to Thailand, it offers same exotic feelings, prolonging culture, and thrilling environment, but the best part is a trip from India to Thailand is strikingly cheaper.

Thailand, the land of smiles, stunning beaches, magnificent temples, never-ending landscapes, deep green countryside, and insomniac nightlife; it would be not surprising that the place welcomes 29.8 million tourists per year.

The Hindu, a prominent newspaper in India declared that there is 15% rise in Indian Tourists in Thailand, and the newspaper estimates that the number will further increase in few years. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said that they are still working in facilitating the tourist and with the same effort, they have launched a direct flight from Kochi.

For many reasons, Thailand is the most preferred tourist destination and some of them are followings:

The Cuisines

Thai Food Guide_ 5 Must Eat Foods (1)

Thai Cuisines are the most popular and indispensably influencing the world. The foods Thailand servers are the finest twist of numerous spices and traditional methods. However, the Thai chefs are introducing delicious innovations in traditional Thai foods.

For those who love seafood, Thailand is the food-heaven for them. Tom yum is the yummiest shrimp soup with hot and sour taste, and Pad Thai cooked with chicken and shrimp can be found on the street of Thailand.

Most of the Thai foods are influenced by the Chinese, or maybe they are a different version of Chinese cuisines, but Thailand has successfully created its distinguished identity for taste and flavor. For instance, try Gai Med Ma Moung a hot spice fry Chicken with cashew nuts.

Spices are one of the main reasons behind the unique flavor of Thailand Cuisines. The city like Bangkok is mad for the foods. No matter, what time is it; foods are always being served there.

Make your visit to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market that serves delicious foods in the very peculiar way. The floating shops offer delicious foods and fruits that worth your time and energy.

Monuments and Statues

Five Reasons why Thailand is perfect destination for Indian Travelers

Thailand displays impressive history through several monuments and statues spreading all over the country. Ayutthaya is often referred as ‘the Venice of East’, and listed as UNESCO world heritage site. This ancient city dates back to 14th century, and most of the astonishing constructions were done in the 15th and 16th centuries. Unfortunately, in 1767, the Burmese army attacked and burned the city to the ground. The city was reconstructed and the remains left are the extensive archaeological site. Once an indispensable diplomacy center, Ayutthaya is now an archaeological ruin. Currently, it covers 289 ha. of the massive area. However, Ayutthaya still has enough to showcase, the place demonstrates the stories from the past and Thai culture impressively.

Besides Ayutthaya, Thailand has many other heritage sites that demonstrate magnificent architecture and elaborated Thai culture. Even there is another ancient town, namely: Sukhothai.

Most notable monuments and statues in Thailand is absolutely the divine Lord Buddha. In Thailand, you will find Buddha everywhere and in every size. The Great Buddha statue is the tallest in Thailand and comes eighth in the world.

Ban Chiang Archaeological site is another most important heritage listed in UNESCO world heritage site. This place demonstrates the earliest civilization and human evolution Southeast Asia. Additionally, Thailand has a long list of monuments, statues, and other archaeological heavens.

Beaches and tempting countryside

Thailand Beaches

There are dozens of beaches in Thailand, and some them is considered as world’s most beautiful one. The beaches of Thailand have shaped in such way that the tourists enjoy the beaching in full entertainment. The ivory white sands and clear blue water along with green vegetations, the beaches at Thailand offers astonishing picturesque.

On the southern tip of Railay, Phra Nang is situated with astonishing limestone cliffs. The Beach Movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio is filmed in Ko Phi Phi Leh, another magnificent beach of Thailand. The best way to enjoy the sun is at Patong Beach.

Thailand is a gifted place for natural beauty, and there are numerous charms beyond the beaches. The countryside is filled with extravagant picturesque and the rural culture of Thailand exposes different dimension of the country. The landscape redefines the color green and lotus flowers add magnificent hues, Thailand’s climate is suitable for numerous vegetations.

Affordable Thailand Tour Packages

Whether the tourists travel for adventure, to comprehend the archaeological sites, taste delicious cuisines, enjoy tempting beaches and nature, or animated nightlife, Thailand has everything for its visitors. On the hand, from India a trip to Thailand is cost-effective. You can opt for various tour packages that come easy in your pocket and offers luxurious vacation in this amazing destination.

The Weather

Of all three seasons of Thailand, each one them is suitable for the tourists. No matter, which part of the year you are making your visit; you will enjoy a plethora of sunlight and cool evening breeze from the sea. The weather of Thailand is mild and humid that allows the visitors to enjoy the landscapes in full amusement.

The Final Word

Thailand is one of the major tourist destinations in the world and the crown is not just only because the country has astonishing nature and blessing beaches. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has enlisted remarkable struggles to make the country perfect for the tourists across the world. It has not just encouraged the tourism in the country but also transformed the numerous dark facets of the country. Book your Thailand tour package now.


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