//Desert safari in Sam Dunes
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Desert safari in Sam Dunes

What’s so entertaining about the dunes? Why one should leave his/her comfort to travel in harsh? And finally, why Sam Dunes in Rajasthan is welcoming thousands of visitors across the globe?

Thar is the real gem of Rajasthan, and for the prolonging time, Rajasthan has notably preserved its essence. The music, culture, cuisines, people, everything is as same as it was a centuries ago.

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A trip to Sam Dunes starts from a luxury resort, where travelers relax in an opulent tent house. We recommend you to reach there in the early morning or at evening around 4-5 o’clock. You will start your trip with alluring sunrise or sunset. There is a sunset point in Sam Dunes, where sun settles down in the very mystical way.

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After relaxing in your tent house, you will be heading to Camel ride in the desert. The ride will be an overwhelming experience where you will get to know the place where everything is preserved despite its destructive weather.

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At night, you will return to your tent, where you will enjoy tempting Rajasthani folk music and dance.  Rajasthani music is world acclaimed symphony that can be amusing without knowing the lyrics. The deep and loud vocal with several traditional instruments creates something that remains forever in our memories.

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At last, you will have a delicious dinner. Mostly there will be varieties of vegetable cuisines with a plethora of red chilies.

Next morning, after a delicious breakfast, you will explore the nearby villages. There are numerous places to explore there, the one day trip will let you witness the alluring nature and exhilarating tradition.

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