//China first emperor and his army of Terracotta
Terracotta Army

China first emperor and his army of Terracotta

In order to protect himself, the glorious emperor Qin Shi Huang built life-size terracotta army all around his mausoleum. Qin Shi Huang has a crown to unite China and most of the time, he is considered as the first emperor of the nation.

This biggest archaeological discovery left the world jaw-dropping, and many intellectuals soon declared it as the eighth wonder of the world. The terracotta armies are the most powerful troops of clays and archaeological importance.

It was until 1974 when the local farmer stumble upon this gigantic buried mausoleums while digging for well. The farmer never found the water, but what they found over there has brought significant uplifting in the economy of the place. The site brings more than 5 million visitors from different part of the world. Moreover, there are still many things to excavate.

These terracotta soldiers reside in Xian city. It’s among the oldest cities of China, situated in north-central part. Xian which literary means ‘Western peace’, it holds the endearing army of terracotta soldiers.

How to reach the Terracotta Army Museum

China is not too expensive, and a trip to Xian will be impressively on your budget. If you opt for 17-hour sleep train to reach Xi’an you can cut the expense notably.

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