//The Cheapest shopping destinations in the world

The Cheapest shopping destinations in the world

Some travel for sightseeing, while some for foods and cuisines; but there are still those shopaholics that roam the world for retail therapy. Shoppers always look for better products at reasonable price, they travel miles to get the best deals on authentic products. Their addiction brings them to the markets from the different part of the world.

These are the cheapest destination where you can fill your bag without hurting much to your pocket. Take look at the cheapest yet best shopping destinations in the world:

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong welcomes you with its never-ending markets and the shops that sell happiness. Shopping at Hong Kong is cheaper, better and entertaining, you can find treasure dwelling from the street. Cat Street Antique market is the most enjoyable place for the tourist from around the world. Actually, the cat street extends to the Hollywood street and both together can make your day’s filled exhilarating experiences. The Cat Street sells cost-effective yet antique pieces while the Hollywood street sells priceless antiques.

Hong Kong Market

Kowloon City Wet Market is the best place in Hong Kong to enjoy delicious cuisines. Always crowded with the foodies from around the world, Kowloon City Wet Market sells both local and exotic cuisines. And for electronic, there is huge Ap Liu Street Electronic market.

Ap Liu Street Electronic market

This flea market is known for cost-effective gadgets, mobile accessories, and various other electronic products. Geographically, maybe Hong Kong is just 2,754 Km2, but in such small area, it showcases the rich diversity of cultures and technology. There is a dedicated flower market, where one can find varieties of fresh flowers coming right from the garden.

Bangkok, Thailand

The shopping at Bangkok starts with the massive Chatuchak Market. This is the world’s largest weekend market with more than 15,000 booths and selling everything. The Chatuchak Market attracts more than 2000 visitors in a day coming from every part of the world.

Bangkok Market

Another notable market in Bangkok is Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market that sells flowers, vegetables, and fruits round the clock. Bangkok never sleeps: no matter what time is it, you will find this place always alive and enthusiastic.

Bangkok Market

Sampeng at the heart of the city is the congested market for various products. For profitable deals, you can opt for Made in Thailand products. Sampeng is the most influential spot for buying and selling products, even the seller form the other nearby places visit Sampeng to buy goods at a wholesale rate.

Istanbul, Turkey

From Ottoman ages or even before, Istanbul is the center of political and economic deals. Being the capital of several ancient emperors, this city is among the most influential place that holds breathtaking architectures and amusing markets. However, Istanbul is no more the capital of Turkey, but its influence still remains the same. It is now the center of tourism and the place is generating a significant amount of revenue from this.

The Grand Bazar

The shopping starts from the massive ‘The Grand Bazaar’, this market holds more than 5000 shops, selling potteries, textiles, spices, dry fruits, shoes, jewelry, and numerous other astonishing products that you may not find anywhere. The origin of the market dates back to 15th century, and even from them, the place attracts the people from every group of the society. The shopping at ‘the Grand Bazaar’ is still cheap and reasonable if you know the art of negotiation.

sahaflar istanbul

Just a few steps away from the Grand Bazaar, Sahaflar is the hub of book lovers. The treasure Sahaflar hides under the chestnut and acacia tree, worth your time to explore. The yellow pages that contain prominent artworks are common in the place. You can find best deals on various renowned books in very stunning deals. The local products at Istanbul are prominent for its astonishing beauty. The carpets, shoes, textiles have the Istanbul’s signature.

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