//Best Street Food Markets in the World
Best Street Food Markets in the World

Best Street Food Markets in the World

We travel for many reasons and most reasonable one is to expand our business; but historically, we human are traveling from one place to another in the search for foods. Eating in our age is not just to fill our appetite; instead, it has become one of the never-ending passion of our race.

We all love foods and the globalized world has brought numerous flavors into a single bucket. Moreover, every region has adopted the foods from the different part of the world in its own way. This has introduced thousands of varieties of a single recipe (see the varieties of Pizza from the different parts of the world).

Street foods, on the other hand, getting its popularity due to its surprising flavors, cost-effective and you can eat them on the go. In spite of being served beside the streets, they are hygienic and you can find many nutritious options.

For those who love to travel different places, mostly they enjoy the peculiar yet tasty foods that are being served in those strange places. We have brought the list of some of the best street food markets around the world.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is famous for its distinguish cuisines and tempting flavors. Istanbul, on the other hand, is the land of political and economic influences. Being the capital of several prominent empires like Ottoman, Roman, and Byzantine, it holds juxtaposition of several cultures and traditions.

Doner Kebab

Street foods in Istanbul are packed with the glimpse of several spices and traditional methods of cooking. It also originated several foods that are being eaten by the whole world. The man who invented the delicious Doner kebab, Mahmut Aygun was born in Turkey and Istanbul serves the best Doner kebab that you ever eat.

Fish Sandwich Istanbul

The street vendors at Istanbul sales numerous dishes that are handy (you can eat conveniently on the go) and fortunately they come cheap. Take fish sandwich as an example, you can find them everywhere on the street, no matter what time is it. The fish sandwich is full of amusing flavor that let you forget the whole world for a while. Moreover, it is filled with nutrients and green salads.

Pickle Instanbul

Additionally, on the street, you will also find pickles. Turkish pickles are famous for its tongue-twisting yet tempting flavors, but, for the healthy diet, you can also opt for various dry fruits that are being served in delicious styles. Look for Buzda Badem or Almond on the ice and roasted chestnuts. The varieties go on and on as the street of Istanbul that never ends, you can grab cotton candy, bagel, and many other sweetest flavors right from the vendors around you.

Bangkok, Thailand

Of the various reasons to visit this place, its food is unavoidable. Unavoidable, it’s similar to your trip to the place where you cannot avoid street foods; you can find varieties of mouth-watering flavors and tongue twisters all around the Bangkok.

floating market Bangkok

Technically, the foods in Bangkok is not just limited to the streets and restaurants, literally, it has expanded to the ancient canal and came to known as floating market. The infamous floating market in Bangkok serves varieties of snacks and fruits to the people all over the world. Women are the usual vendors and you can find them in traditional clothes.

Pad Thai

Bangkok streets are for those who love chickens and seafood. And it also for those who love as simple as noodles. One can find the wide variety of noodles consisting different ingredients. Of these varieties, Pad Thai is most eaten and popular one. Pad Thai is the noodles with eggs, shrimps and lots of veggies.

Pla Pao

For those who love fishes, they should try Pla Pao: it is grilled fish (usually tilapia or snakehead) stuffed and gutted with lemongrass and screwpine leaves. It served with the lemon based chili sauce. And for chicken lovers, the place serves most delicious grilled chickens cooked with the traditional bamboo recipe.

Khao Mun Gai

Another notable dish that is being served on the street of Bangkok is Khao Mun Gai. It is the steamed chicken on rice and served with the sour sauce containing ginger, garlic, and chili. In Bangkok no matter what time is it, foods are being served at every hour of a day. You can find it anywhere.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, the curious destination for the chefs around the world, serves unique and delicious food to the pedestrians. The varieties do not end it continues from fresh orange juice to sweet cookies. You can enjoy smooth and delicious soups that serve with various spices.

orange juice Morocco

Marrakech is all about the street foods, the flavors and dishes we get from there are worth our time, money and energy. Besides all those dishes that we can find anywhere, Marrakech Street also serves some of the weird yet delicious cuisines that are hard to find anywhere. Among such, the most notable ones are ship head, snail soup, and Hodangal tea.

Hodangal teaAlmost 8 hours of cooking in the hot-burning traditional coal oven, the sheep head become delicately delicious and then the spices are enlisted to make it more aromatic and flavored.  On the other hand, Hodangal Tea is filled with several herbs and spices, and it’ll make you warm and energetic.

Marrakech Street food

When it comes to sweets, Marrakech has enough to make you confuse in picking one from them. Pastries, cookies, and juices can be found in finest flavors. Since you are in Morocco then you must try something like Msemen, is pancake-like traditional bread. Many foodies consider it among the most delicious bread that you will find anywhere in the world. It is buttery, doughy and crispy at the same time.


Sandwiches are another delicious option that you can enjoy on the street of Marrakech. The street vendors selling sandwiches can easily be distinguished through the mouth-watering Sardine aroma it creates. The fish sardine is filled with the bread along with sheep fats, onions, tomatoes and other veggies, but what makes it more delicious is the strong flavored tomatoes sauce and fresh green olives.

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