//An underrated tourist destination
an underrated tourist destination

An underrated tourist destination

Tourism generates a huge sum of money. Thus, there are marketers and their strategies to attract more visitors to their place. Think about that, is there any place, which is more aesthetic than Rome? Can’t we find more serene beaches than in Miami, Phuket, and Mauritius? One more time, think about Paris, New York, and London: these are the most popular cities in the world, and also the most expensive place on Earth.

When it comes to tourism marketing play an important part: in this giant race, few destinations that seriously worth your attention remain in dark. Here is our pick for the most underrated tourist destination


Take a look at the great wall of China

crowded the great wall

Now, this place

Azerbaijan blog

It sounds exotic; well, it is an exotic land that will leave you amazed with its culture, infrastructure, and history. The capital Baku is filled with skyscrapers, which juxtaposed modern and ancient architectures. The buildings are in twisting and interesting shape exemplifying a marvelous science of construction. 

Azerbaijan blog

It is not just the modern construction goes in the mainstream of the lavish but it is the older one that creates an astonishing aroma across the place. The sun-bleached stone street and sober golden walls, the place is historically crafted by the passionate emperors and proficient artisan.

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In Azerbaijan, there is a museum of miniature books. It is one of its kinds. The museum comprises thousands of miniature books that a magnifying glass is needed to read.

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Outside the Baku, the place even becomes weirder and interesting. The volcano is the most hazardous natural phenomenon that will completely destroy its surrounding. The lava is the hottest substance that emerges from the earth surface. But in Azerbaijan, you will find the cutest one. It erupts mud instead of lava.

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Now, there is an old Zoroastrian temple. Ateshgah is UNESCO listed temple where fire used to burn naturally. It has been burning since ancient time, until in 1983 when the authority started an exploiting the gases. Moreover, there is a carpet museum where you will find various carpets in different shapes and design.

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During your trip, one thing that you will admire most will be the flavor of this place. In spite of numerous Italian and fast food outlets, the tradition Arabian dishes still rule the plate. We also recommend you to try local food of which the place is renowned because you can have your pasta and pizza when you return.

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