Ambato Boina, Mahajanga, Madagascar, Africa


  • Ambato Boina, Mahajanga, Madagascar, Africa
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Turkey can boast of two peaks of Mount Nemrut. The first peak is near Adiyaman which is primarily historical and archeological interest and home of the 2000 years colossal stone heads of King Antiochus I and classical divinities. The other peak is in Eastern Anatolia. It is well-known for its geological formation and mountaineering purposes. Mt. Nemrut is an inactive volcano. It is the youngest of the series of volcanoes in eastern Anatolia. Nemrut is a strato-type volcano which started exploding during the fourth geographical era and constant to be active until 1441 AD. Volcanic eruptions of Mt. Nemrut resulted to a single Van muss river basin that was divided into two separate basins. The site of Muntain Nemrut was built by Antiochus I who is so proud about his royalty and power. He was overthrown in 38 BC by the Romans after 26 years of sovereignty. He believed that he was the descendant of Apollo so he made a statue of himself along with those of Apollo son of the leader of gods, Zeus leader of the gods, Fortuna god of luck and abundance and Hercules god of power and might sided by a lion which represents power of the world and an eagle symbolizes the power of celestial. Some suspect that the tomb of Antiochus is underneath the artificial mountain peak of rock which is 50 meters high piled between the two ledges of the gods. The colossal heads of gods are now scattered in the summit of Mt. Nemrut making an impressive picture of the sunset. The best time to visit Mt. Nemrut is on dawn because you will have the opportunity to experience sunrise that is breathtaking. Striking contrast is formed between the ruins and natural beauty with the gleam of the sun.
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