Passirano, Brescia, Italy, Europe


  • Passirano, Brescia, Italy, Europe
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Officially known as the Italian Republic the country of Italy is a boot-shaped peninsula in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares its northern borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Several small islands also form part of Italy, among them, Sicily and Sardinia are the largest. The charming Alps and Apennine mountains criss-cross the country's landscape.
Italy boasts one of the longest coastlines in the world and around 248 beaches of Italy have been awarded the Blue Flag status for their clear emerald waters and unspoiled sands. The country is home to Europe’s largest active volcano Mt. Etna - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing a spectacular sighting of eruptions, lava flows, soot-filled skies and extensive caves. Interestingly Italy has the world's highest number of World Heritage sites - 51 in all. nKnown worldwide for its pizza, pasta, Colosseum, Milan fashion, opera music and glitz, Italy offers various other exciting attractions. The rich culture, heritage and chequered history of Italy is reflected in its cities. Rome- the capital city is famed for its 3000 years old architecture, art, and historical heritage. The Colosseum - one of the seven wonders of the world and the Roman Forum are some prime attractions here. Venice sprawled over 100 islands is intertwined with its famous canals all around. Milan is a hub of international fashion and design. The famous Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent flaunt Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco. Florence is famed for its iconic architecture and masterpieces of art from Renaissance period. Florence Cathedral and The Galleria dell'Accademia and Uffizi Gallery are some of its remarkable sites to visit. Italy loves its hot baths and is home to numerous spas offering mud and water therapies to its travellers. Most well-known are its island baths such as on volcanic Ischia, Tuscan hot springs, mountain baths in the town of Bormio and the thermal park of Lake Garda.
Italian cuisine, especially desserts are famous globally; its signature desserts being gelato, cannoli, tiramisu, biscotti spumoni, Neapolitan, Tartufo and zeppole. Italy is also a place for those who love to drive hot wheels. One can hire any super elite car in Italy including Ferrari, Pagani, Alfa Romeo, Maserati after all, the country has a history of starting Formula1. The people of Italy are passionate about their culture and language. Italians love their food, wine, and siesta and believe in living their life to the fullest. Family values are embedded in their daily routine, as home cooked meal during lunch time is valued more than any other appointment at work. Sharing food with family, friends, and neighbors is a tradition which Italians follow staunchly.
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