Fua Mualku

Thulhaadhoo, Baa, Maldives, Asia

Fua Mualku

  • Thulhaadhoo, Baa, Maldives, Asia
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Maldives Fuvahmulah is one-and-only in more ways than other islands or atolls of the island paradise. It is one big island in the middle of the sea, with one of the most beautiful landscape found in the Maldives. Unlike the majority of the islands, the island has more to offer to its visitors inland than the deep sea that surrounds the island. Widely known as the most beautiful island of the Maldives, the people are the friendliest and kindest of all people noted for their big smiles. For the people of Addoo which is the only other atoll in thee southern hemisphere Fuvahmulah is special place to visit and the people enjoys a brotherly relationship between the two atolls. Of the 19 administrative atolls, Fuvahmulah is known as Nyaviyani  Atoll. A single island of 4.5 km by 1.2 km making it the third largest natural island in the Maldives.
Although blessed with natural beauty, and attractions, the island was rarely visited  in the past due to the difficulty in accessing the island. With the opening of the domestic airport 2011, Fuvahmulah has been open to visitors from the rest of the country and tourists. Because there are no islands nearby, the closest neighbor is more than 40 km south across the deep sea, there is no lagoon like many other islands, a submerged reef makes it difficult for boats to access due to high current.
The location near the equator gives the Fuvahmulah a totally different environment than the rest of the country with the only exception being its southern neighbor. The two atolls share some unique characteristics not found elsewhere. Fuvahmulah has a particularly distinctive   features that make the island a one-and-only. The rich vegetation, wetlands tropical woodlands and marshy taro fields. There are two lakes, the one in the north is known as Dhadimagi Kilhi, and the other located in the south is called Bandaara Kilhi. These unique features that are only found in Fuvahmulah and its southern neighbor.The tropical environment provides a habitat for a variety of efferent plant and animal species that are quite unique and probably not found elsewhere. There are dense forest like areas with thick vegetation.  The island certainly is  the most fertile land in the Maldives. This is evident from  the local market I  Male’ where many varieties of local fruits unavertable are from Fuvahmulah. The huge white sandy beach on the north of the island is a well-known as Thundi and visited by the people from other parts of the country as well people from other areas of the island. The beach is popular for get-togethers and for special occasions. The sand here is exceptionally white and beautiful. Fuvahmulah is also known for remnants of historical places   such as Gemmkiy  the oldest building that is said to be a Buddhist monastery which was converted to a mosque after Islam came to the island. A place called The Havitta is one of the landmark of the historical past. This was known to be Buddhist stupa or a burial ground. The actual shape of the area has been lost because of the damage done during digging to find artifacts or for research purposes. The ruin is about 40 feet in height and it looks like a small hill. A smaller mound, about 15 feet in height, is located near the Havitta. Fuvahmulah is a must for tourists as there are many things that make the island a one-and-only  and the most beautiful island of the Maldives.
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