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Zambia, Africa

Water safari

  • Zambia, Africa
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There are some rivers in Africa that provide safari. These safaris show animals on both sides of the boat. Its two experiences in one. Your boat and see animals. Zambia is often referred to as The Real Africa. Of course all other safari areas are very real too but Zambian safaris are rightfully distinguished by the expedition of old adventure that they deliver under the care of exceptional guides in out of the way wilderness areas teeming with wildlife. The atmosphere carries back to the camps as well, ad unlike other Southern Africa destinations there is still a preponderance of bushcamps, small and intimate, roughly half the size of a typical Botswana luxury camp – which are considered small anywhere other than Zambia. They retain a rustic charm yet still deliver extreme comfort and pampering service while maintaining a wonderful on the ground connection to the wilderness areas where they are placed.   Zambian guiding standards are rivaled only by Zimbabwe. Problems in Zimbabwe actually led to many guides moving over to Zambia and the result has been exceptional skills being cultivated in the local Zambian guides. South Luangwa is the birthplace of walking safaris and it is a rare treat to walk in areas where animals are habituated to humans on foot. The area also offers outstanding game drives, both day and night.   South Luangwa is without doubt one of Africa’s most game rich parks but unlike most National Parks there are satellite bushcamps where you can have the entire park to yourself and the rules allow the freedom of both walking safaris and night drives.   This park is a valley formed by the South Luangwa River, which teems with hippos and crocodiles. The park is the birthplace of walking safaris, pioneered in the 1950’s and the area remains the ideal location for a safari on foot. Placing your feet on the ground provides a connection to the African wilderness that is just not possible riding in a vehicle. You will be in big game areas and expect to view from foot the large mega fauna species such as elephant, buffalo, giraffe, and possibly lion as well as discover the small delights that are missed on game drives.   This region is also stellar for game drives and the quality is unbeatable because you will not typically see another vehicle having all sightings to yourself. This area is famed for its night drives when the spotlight often finds the secretive nocturnal creatures and the area is especially known for its leopard sightings.   You will have a diverse experience exploring from and between three bushcamps. Together they make a great circuit. Each is a small and intimate camp (4 chalets/tents each) run by The Bushcamp Company, known to have some of the best guides in existence and their camps are ideally placed for a circuit in a remote area of the park where you are unlikely to see any other people or vehicles – truly the ideal way to commune with the wild. You will start with time at Mfuwe Lodge, a prime area for game drives and to observe wildlife right from the lodge.

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