Trek to Lohagad Fort

Lonavala, Maharashtra, India, Asia

Trek to Lohagad Fort

  • Lonavala, Maharashtra, India, Asia
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Enjoy the wonderful trekking experience of your trip to Lohagad Fort. The trek route to Lohagad is pretty much straight forward. Bhaje village is where one could start the trek to Lohagad fort. Bhaje is about six kms from Malawli. A liesurely walk of about 1.5 hrs* will get you to 'Gaimukh Khind'. A right turn from here will take you to Logaon, which is at the foot of the fort where the stairs up the fort starts. A left turn at Gaimukh Khind will lead you to the Visaprur fort. Lohagad trek is one of the easiest treks ideal for beginners and the trek route to Lohagad is more of an easy hike that involves no climbing with stairs at the end of the trail leading to the fort. The only place one needs to be careful is at 'Gaimukh Khind' where a wrong turn can get you to Visapur fort, which is, yet another fort in the region, larger and slightly taller than Lohagad fort. One can also continue the Lohagad trek to Pavananagar and visit the Pavana dam and lake. Located between the Lohagad Fort and Bedse caves is the Visapur fort which in fact is taller and larger than the Lohagad fort. With a few ruins of erstwhile buildings and Peshwa's palace there is quite a lot to explore at the Visapur fort. Purandar, Tikona, Tung and the Sinhagad fort can be seen from Visapur. To reach Visapur one has to turn left at 'Gaimukh Khind' on the way to the Lohagad Fort.

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Lonavala, Maharashtra, India, Asia