Submarine scooter ride

Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean

Submarine scooter ride

  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean
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A mini one person submarine for underwater exploration to get close to fishes. This is a great activity for those tourists who dot know how to swim. Have you fancied yourself being the marvel superhero Hydroman, who creates waves underwaters, churns the ocean with a roaring splash? Well, let that flight of fancy touch ground reality. Take the first step forward, for the adrenaline pumping underwater adventure in an underwater scooter safari in Kovalam, Kerala. Referred to as the ‘Bond’, the underwater scooter is tied to a buoy or an air-filled container. The best part about riding on these is that you will not get wet from the head down to shoulders. The safari at Kovalam will last for about 3 hours. The pickup point will be at Kovalam from where you will be driven down to the Bond centre. Before you set off on the expedition, you will be given a briefing about the adventure, the safety rules and what you can look forward to, in this underwater safari. After the session, you will be ferried across by a boat to the dive point You will don your underwater gear for the underwater scooter submarine, which will comprise a full-covering helmet that will help you breathe normally. With the escort of a safety diver and holding tight to your Bond, you will slip underwater effortlessly. Here, a whole new world of marine life will open up before you. As this zone of Kovalam teems with marine life, you may witness a wide array of fish trying to follow the bubble blast from your scooter. Anchovy and silver moony, Bluefin trevally, the odd Moray eel, puffer fish, groupers, box fish, serjeants, pipe fish, butterfly fish, rabbit fish and others of the like, will definitely catch your eye if you are lucky. At such depths, the colour of the waters is green with visibility of up to 4 -5 metres. You may step on some rocky sea floor or reefs and send out a burst of sea creatures scurrying away in fear! And well, when you are ‘fishing’ in these choppy waters, would a shark or killer whale be waiting in ambush? Should you avoid flailing your hands or feet so as to not be mistaken for a bait? Should you morph into Hydroman? Hold your breath and nose too in  that helmet, and...Relax! The diving zone does not attract the big-time predators of the marine world. So, you will be safe and sound!

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean