Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa, Africa


  • Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa, Africa
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If you have seen a tiger on the prowl and have awed at it. You can also do something similar to it. You can be part of scouting, its the same but you do it. South Africa is a diverse province with both big cities and very poor rural areas. Scouting in South Africa caters for the youth from all these different backgrounds. There are community groups that are based in the cities as well as community rural groups based at churches and community centers. A large portion of the Scout groups in South Africa are based at schools where educators of the schools are trained to be Scout leaders and the school supports the needs of the group. The beauty of the Scout programme is that it is community based and owned and serves the needs of the particular community. Rural communities can therefore for example include service projects such as vegetable gardening and HIV/Aids education in their activities, and city groups can choose to take part in outdoor learning activities and adventures, exposing those children to experiences they would not normally find in the city. Scouting in South Africa caters for all these needs. South Africa being the fabulous tourist destination that it is has also had the privilege of hosting touring Scout groups from many countries in the world. Very often these Scout groups have contributed in some way to the development of the Area by doing projects such as building showers at Scout halls, or helping to start vegetable gardens. Of course the possibility of International cultural exchanges makes Scouting very exciting for our youth who have very limited opportunity to travel themselves. These intercultural exchanges have also often resulted in re-exchanges where Scouts from South Africa can travel to Europe and the UK to experience Scouting there.

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