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Greece, Europe

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Take a yacht and cruise over the blue waters of Santorini in the mesmerizing sunset of Greece. Popular for romantics and history lovers alike, a Greek cruise will get you up close and personal with the ancient world. Ports on the mainland include Athens, Greece's capital, as well as Gythion and Katakolon, the gateway to Olympia. Each Greek Isle has its own feel. Look for nightlife in Mykonos and sunsets in Santorini; many cruises stay late to take advantage. You won't find a better beach spot than Corfu, and Old Town in Rhodes is a shoppers dream. Greek cruises with Royal Caribbean offer the best opportunity to see the beauty, wonders, history and modern diversity of this spectacular country. The country of Greece is genuinely blessed with some of the most lovely islands and natural beauty in the world; surrounded by an unrivalled history and relics that are windows into its ancient past. On a Royal Caribbean Greek cruise you will explorethe many islands of Greece, you will simultaneously experience the wonders of both new and old world Mediterranean at once. From the bustling modern city of Athens with its ancient wonders of the Acropolis & Theatre of Dionysus; across to the stunning island of Santorini, to thriving Mykonos and over to the beaches and vistas of Corfu, there is something for everyone.

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Greece, Europe