Boat to the temple of love

Paris, France, Europe

Boat to the temple of love

  • Paris, France, Europe
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Temple de l’Amour or the Temple of Love in Paris stands on a little island made of two branches of river, in the middle of the irresistible beauty of the Versailles field. When the sun throws its warm and golden light on the green fields, the folly’s pure white marble shines like frost in the moonlight. Amongst all the romantic attractions in Paris, the Temple of Love is sure to lure you. Does it sound interesting enough to you? If so, read on.The temple was built in 1778, on a small island in The Parc. In the middle of the temple stands a replica of Bouchardon statue; if you want to see the original one, you can go to The Louvre Museum. Queen Marie-Antoinette, the last queen of France, ordered Mique (the architect) to come up with a design and build the neo-classical structure. According to some writers, it was built to celebrate the love of the queen and the king and the consummation of their marriage, which was delayed for years. It is said that the consummation took so long because the queen was a mere 14-year old girl when they got married, and Louis-Auguste (the king) decided to wait for her to mature. Couples from all over the world visit the Temple of Love in Paris to renew their wedding vows and propose to each other. The biggest belief however is that sharing a kiss at the centre of the temple strengthens their love and relationship. If that’s true, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit this place.

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